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We're your flow control problem solver.

Global Problem Solving

Global Problem Solving (TM) Program

Baro is your complete in-house machine shop, welding center and production facility for the automation and repair of all quarter-turn and linear valves, level instrumentation and pump and mixer repairs. Baro supports its products worldwide with experienced professionals and Factory Authorized service. No matter where you are in the world, let Baro solve your problems. When you need on-site field assistance or product shipments, including those on an emergency basis, our 24-hour GLOBAL PROBLEM SOLVING program is there to provide your solution

Field Services 24/7

Field Services 24/7

At Baro, we service everything we sell. But we offer more than simple repair and service, we engineer customized solutions around valves, automated valves, flow meters, and level instrumentation.

We also recognize most challenges don't happen at convenient times. That's why Baro offers field and technical support 24/7. Our fluid handling technicians are highly-trained, fully-insured and equipped with high-tech tools, service vehicles and specialty equipment to address your flow control issues.

Our staff can retrofit your actuator and perform start-up calibration services - tasks not many other companies can support in the field.

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Valve Automation (Valves and Actuators)

Baro team members are experienced and trained to represent the industry's leading manufacturers of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic valves and actuators. As a result, our staff is well-equipped to address your unique requirements. Whether you know what you need and just need us to put it together, or you know what you want to do but aren't sure how to get there, we can engineer a solution that meets your requirements. Technical capabilities include:

  • Quarter turn valve automation
  • Large valve package capabilities (up to 72")
  • Linear actuation
  • Linear valving

  • Flow rate requirements and actuator speed are crucial in helping you determine which parts and accessories will work best for your application. Rely on Baro for all your valve automation needs – from supporting your engineering team to troubleshooting and problem solving to maintenance and repairs.
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    Fabrication Services

    Baro's in-house machining and fabrication facilities provide us with the resources needed to create custom assemblies and solutions. That's why our application engineers are able to custom design solutions that meet your requirements, including:

    • Simple control assemblies
    • Valve stem extensions, three-way assemblies
    • Specialty valve modifications
    • Retrofitting existing valves with actuators
    • Tandem-linked valves
    • Diverting/mixing bypass valve assemblies
    • Complex volume tank assemblies
    • Emergency shutdown and fusible link fire safety actuators
    • Mounting hardware for high and low temperatures
    • Carbon steel and stainless steel construction

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    Level and Flow

    As a leader in the measurement and control of level, flow and analytical process parameters, we're here to help you find the right equipment to meet your challenges. Our expert team of industry-trained and experienced application engineers are available to troubleshoot, problem-solve and custom-fabricate solutions that adapt, integrate and upgrade the functionality and efficiency of your processes. We can manufacture custom level bridles with all accessories, as well as flush rings and bleed rings complete with instrument valves and panel assemblies.

    Safety and Specialty Accessories

    Safety and Specialty Accessories

    As a leader in valve automation design and implementation, our expert team can help you identify the proper safety or specialty accessory for your needs.

    • Tank vents
    • Flame arrestors
    • Low pressure safety relief valves
    • Pressure and vacuum vents
    • In-line and end of line arresters (deflagration and detonation)
    • Pressure switches and sensors

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    Engineered Solutions

    Our expert team of industry-trained and experienced application engineers are valve automation design and implementation experts. We're prepared to meet your solution needs and improve the functionality and efficiency of your processes.

    Technical Capabilities:

    • AutoCAD 200 design
    • Bus network communication
    • Skid mounted systems for control of fluids and gases
    • Complete with valves and instrumentation
    • Automated valves are completely assembled, calibrated and bench tested to your specification
    • Each assembly is completely traceable with stainless steel tag

    We're always here to serve you 24/7 – On time. On budget. Never off the clock.

    At Baro, we're committed to helping you specify, install and maintain the right products and application solutions.

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